Lebanese Access to Information Law is for Boasting, Not Transparency

In late June 2019, The Legal Agenda received a letter from General Secretary of the Council of Ministers Mahmoud Makkieh stating that Makkieh refuses to comply with the imore >>

The Plight of Housing Policies in Lebanon

The problems associated with housing have been topics of frequent discussion in Lebanese public discourse since at least the period of independence. But it has become an more >>

Tunisian Court Defends Advocacy of Homosexual Rights

On 17 May 2019, the Tunis Court of Appeal issued a ruling that enshrines the right to establish an association to advocate for the rights and human dignity of homosexualsmore >>

The Financialization of Property and the Housing Market in Lebanon

Lebanon’s housing market has been in crisis for approximately half a century. More families, both Lebanese and non-Lebanese, are struggling to find housing that meemore >>

Policy of Destitution has Led to Undignified Living in Lebanon’s al-Mankoubin District

It happened at night 64 years ago. Roaring water, cries for help, wailing. The people of al-Souaika and al-Hadid in the heart of old Tripoli emerged to find that the Abu more >>

EU-Tunisian Trade Agreement: A Trojan Horse for Economic Domination

In his book Nikabat Rijal al-‘Amalal-Tunisiyyin [The Association of Tunisian Businessmen: A Struggle of Class or of Dialogue?], Tunisian historian Hadi Timumi descrmore >>

Right to Health under Threat in Tunisia

The official reaction to the deaths of 15 infants at the Wassila Bourguiba Hospital in Tunis on 8 March 2019 was the following: a series of dismissals and new appointmentmore >>

Legal Agenda to Lebanese Government: Stop Harassing Judges

For the fifth time, we are witnessing a recurring scene: political forces envisage ways to undermine the financial rights of judges, particularly the resources of the Judmore >>

Children’s Rights Violations in the Context of the Civil and Youth Movement (#YouStink)... more >>

The Launch of the ‘Judicial Independence: a Social Priority in Lebanon’ Project... more >>

Civil Society Backs Families of Missing After Calls to Reconsider Lebanese State Council Decision... more >>

Open Letter to Lebanese Prime Minister Tammam Salam... more >>

Lebanese Uprising: Infrastructure and the Trap of Neoliberal Development

What started on October 17 as a protest against new taxation laws and austerity measures following climate-induced wildfires and shortages in gasoline and bread, has now ... more >>

Egypt’s September 20 Protests: Mass Arrests

A young man, 32 years old and unemployed, came to Cairo from Qena Governorate in Upper Egypt looking for work after becoming bogged down in debt. The security forces arre... more >>

Youth Conferences and Programs in Egypt: Spaces for Expression or Instruction?

In the closing ceremony of the first Egypt Economic Development Conference in March 2015, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi stood and delivered a speech. Before beginning, h... more >>

Militarizing Red Sea Islands: The Limits of Disposing of Public Assets

On August 4 2019, Egypt’s official gazette published Presidential Decree No. 380 of 2019, which reallocated 47 islands in the Red Sea Governorate to the Armed Force... more >>

Kamal Hamdan: The Breadcrumbs System Reproduces Ruling Class in Lebanon

Jamil Mouawad (JM): What is the broad political context currently framing the fight against corruption? And how do you interpret the growing interest of political parties... more >>

How to end interference in the judiciary?

... more >>

Open the Doors

More than 24,700 children live in orphanages; this is more than 2% of Lebanese children. Around 90% of them are not orphans, but children from poor families unable to care for them... more >>

Homosexuality is not a crime

In Lebanon, homosexuals continue to be arrested and prosecuted for their sexual orientation, based on Article 534 of the Criminal Code, which sanctions “sexual intercourse ag... more >>

Testimony of Former General Ahmad Agheilovi in the case of Braka coast

... more >>

Advocate for the rights of "day-workers" in court

... more >>