Ohoud Wafi

researcher in Political Anthropology, PhD candidate, University Paris-Diderot

Adel Ramadan

Egyptian Lawyer

Ahmad Hossam

Egyptian lawyer and legal researcher

Ahmad Saleh

Egyptian lawyer

Alaa Mroueh

Is a law graduate from the University of St. Joseph in Beirut

Amal Obeidi

Amal Obeidi is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Economics, Benghazi University. Visiting Professor of Bayreuth University, Germany.

Anass Saadoun

Is a member of Morocco's Judges Club and excutive member of The Natonal Observatory for the Independence of Judical Authority.

Anis Chérif-Alami

étudiant en Master 2 de science politique à l'Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, et actuellement stagiaire à Legal Agenda

Anisa Traichli

Tunisian judge

Ayman Halasa

Is a lawyer and professor of law at Israa University, Amman.



Bahar Saba

Bahar Saba is a former researcher at Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Programme. She is currently completing an MPhil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Oxford. She holds an L.L.B from the University of Tehran and an L.L.M in Human Rights Law from the University of Nottingham.

Berna Habib

Researcher at the Frontiers Ruwad Association

Bernadette Daou

Researcher from Lebanon

Bernardo Zacka


Camillo Boano

Professor of Urban Design and Critical Theory at The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, UCL with an interest in integrated multidisciplinary perspectives on space dynamics of urban areas.

Cynthia Bou Aoun

Architect and activist at Nahnoo.

Diana Kallas

Holds a Master’s degree in Public International Law and a Master’s degree in Public Policy.

Elham Barjas


Estella Carpi

Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Migration Research Unit, Department of Geography,University College London, presently working on southern-led humanitarian responses to displacement from Syria.

Faouzi Maalaoui

Tunisian judge who was an elected member of the judiciary’s first provisional supreme council (the “Instance Provisoire de Supervision de la Justice Judiciaire”)

Farah Ramzy

Researcher in Political Sciences

Fatima al-Lafi

Doctoral researcher in public law.  

Fattouh El Chazli

Professor of law at University of Alexandria

Filippo Marranconi

PhD candidate at Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales

Ghida Frangieh

is a Beirut-based lawyer and legal researcher

Hafidha Chekir

Instructor in Law at the Tunisian University

Hala Kerbage

Hala Kerbage is a Beirut-based psychiatrist. Her main area of research is public mental health and its relation to social justice and human rights. 

Hala Najjar

Lawyer and a member of The Legal Agenda

Hamdi al Kbailat


Hassan al-Azhari

محام ببرنامج الحق في المعرفة وتداول المعلومات بمؤسسة حرية الفكر والتعبير

Hassan Mosad

Egyptian lawyer

Hicham Safieddine

Lecturer in the History of the Modern Middle East at King's College, London. He is author of Banking on the State: The financial Foundations of Lebanon (Stanford University Press)

Husain Abdulla

Is the Executive Director of Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain. The Bahraini government revoked his citizenship in 2012 in response to his peaceful activism.

Jazya Gebril

Professor of Law at the University of Benghazi

Joe Hammoura


Joelle Boutros

Historian and Researcher 

Karim Nammour

Lawyer and researcher. Member of The Legal Agenda.

Karima Amshere

Instructor at the University of Tripoli - Libya

Khalid Ali

Egyptian lawyer

Lama Karame

is a visiting scholar at the Unviersity of Columbia's Faculty of Law

Lamia Moghnieh

Postdoctoral fellow at the Arab Council for the Social Sciences

Laure Ayoub

Journalist at The Legal Agenda

Lea Bou Khater

* Lea Bou Khater isa PhD candidate in Development studies at the School of Oriental and African studies (University of London) with a special focus on workers’ movements. She is also a researcher at the Consultation and Research Institute in Lebanon.

Leila Ezzin

Tunisian Judge and Member of the Temporary Body for the Judiciary (Instance Provisoire de la Justice Judiciaire)

Maged Almadhaji

Is a Yemeni author and legal activist

Mahmoud Othman

Egyptian Lawyer

Maya El Helou

Researcher at the Legal Agenda

Menna Omar

Legal Researcher and Lawyer. PhD Candidate in Law, University Paris 1-Sorbonne

Mohamed Adel Souliman

Egyptian lawyer and member of The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights

Mohamed Afif Jaidi

Tunisian Judge

Mohamed Awaad

Egyptian lawyer

Mona Khechen

Researcher and Consultant in social development   

Myriam Mehanna

Legal Researcher

Nael Georges

Is a Syrian senior scholar of international law and human rights who has taught at the university of Southern Paris and has published on the subject of minority rights

Nasser Radwan

member of the Libyan judiciary.

Nayla Geagea

Nayla Geagea is a trainee lawyer in Beirut and holds a Masters degree in International Law.  

Nermine Sibai

is a Lebanese attorney at law

Nimer Sultany

Senior Lecturer in Public Law, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Nizar Saghieh

Lawyer Nizar Saghieh is co-founder and executive director of The Legal Agenda since 2011 as well as the editor of its publication of record. He has researched and written extensively on a wide-range of legal topics including war memories, freedom of expression, and vulnerable groups. He has also pursued strategic litigation in relation to complex social issues such as arbitrary detention of refugees and the disappeared in Lebanon's civil war.

Perla Choueiry

is a Beirut-based student and researcher of law

Rami Abou Alfa

ِArchitect and activist at Lil Madina (“For the City”) Initiative

Rania Hamzeh


Reine Mitri

Reine Mitri

Sahar Mandour

Is a novelist and editor of Assafir's special edition on Palestine

Salma Khaled

Associate Professor of Private Law University of Tunis El Manar

Salsabil Klibi

Salsabil Klibi teaches at the Faculty of Legal, Political, and Social Sciences of Tunis.

Samer Ghamroun

Samer Ghamroun is a founding and a board member of Legal Agenda. He is a Law & Society assistant professor at Saint-Joseph University in Beirut.

Samer Ghamroun

Samer Ghamroun is a founding and a board member of Legal Agenda. He is a Law & Society assistant professor at Saint-Joseph University in Beirut.

Sami Atallah

Sami AtallahSami Atallah is currently the Executive Director of the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS), an independent think tank based in Beirut. Prior to that, he served as a consultant for the World Bank, the European Union and the UNDP in Syria and Saudi Arabia. He also served as an advisor for the Lebanese Ministries of Finance, Industry, and Interior and Municipalities, as well as in the Prime Minister’s Office. He published several papers with the LCPS on industrial policy, budget policy, decentralization, and the competitiveness of Lebanese firms.  One of his  recent publications is a book chapter entitled “The Gulf region: Beyond oil and wars – the role of history and geopolitics in explaining autocracy” published by Routledge. Mr. Atallah is an economist, currently pursuing a PhD in Politics at New York University. He holds two masters degrees, one in International and Development Economics from Yale University and the other in Quantitative Methods from Columbia University.  

Samir Jarray

Tunisian Journalist

Samira Trad

Researcher at the Frontiers Ruwad Association

Sarah Wansa

Is a Beirut-based legal researcher

Sawsan Zakzak

Syrian researcher

Sharaf al-Din al-Yacoubi

Is a human rights activist

Sintia Issa

Sintia Issa is a researcher at the University of California Santa Cruz

Suliman Ibrahim

Faculty of Law, University of Benghazi

Wahid al Farshishi

Wahid al Farshishi, holds a doctorate in law and is General Law professor at the Tunisian University and and director of the Environmental Law masters program at the Tunisian school of Law and Politics. He heads the Tunisian Foundation for Individual Liberties and is vice president of the Tunisian Foundation for Public Administrations Sciences. Mr Farshishi has amongst other published the following studies: “Child labor in the Arab world” (Tunisia 2008), “Homosexuality in the laws of Arabic countries” (in corporation with Nizar Saghieh, Beirut 2009), “Independence of the Judiciary in Tunisia” (chapter in a book: “When judges assemble”, Beirut 2009), “Development and construction law” (Tunisia 2010) and “Nature reserves in Tunisian law” (Tunisia/ Geneva 2011).

Wahid Ferchichi

Professor of Law at the University of Tunis and president of the Tunisian Association for the Defense of Individual Freedoms

Wissam Lahham

Writer and researcher

Yassin al-Younsi

Tunisian lawyer

Youmna Makhlouf

A gradient lawyer in Beirut, and preparing her doctorate in law; She is also a member of the legal Agenda 

Zeina Allouche


Zeina G. Halabi

The author is Assistant Professor of Arabic Literature and Culture at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  

Zied Ghouma

Tunisian Judge