Nizar Saghieh

Lawyer Nizar Saghieh is co-founder and executive director of The Legal Agenda since 2011 as well as the editor of its publication of record. He has researched and written extensively on a wide-range of legal topics including war memories, freedom of expression, and vulnerable groups. He has also pursued strategic litigation in relation to complex social issues such as arbitrary detention of refugees and the disappeared in Lebanon's civil war.

The Lebanese Judiciary Laid Bare: Changing Tides and Trials

The announcement of the ruling in the case of Manal Assi, which reduced to five years the sentence of imprisonment of her husband for savagely murdering her, provoked a wave of condemnati...Read More >>

Judging Manal Assi: Return of the Macho

On July 14, 2016, the Criminal Court in Beirut issued its decision in one of the most infamous cases of women being murdered in Lebanon, the case of Manal Assi. Manal was savagely killed ...Read More >>

The Lebanese Constitution in the Service of Priest Impunity: The Case of Mansour Labaki

The case of Lebanese priest Mansour Labaki carries great social and political significance. The Vatican City church ruling that convicted him of abusing minors is unprecedented in several...Read More >>

Restoring Citizenship Law in Lebanon: Renaturalization Without Return

  At the Lebanese Diaspora Energy conference held on 5, 6, and 7 of May, 2006, Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil announced that the implementation of Lebanon’s ren...Read More >>

Human Trafficking in Lebanon: A Shocking Reflection in the Mirror

In late March 2016, Lebanese citizens got a first-hand encounter with the act of human trafficking. Approximately 75 women had fallen victim to a ring that took advantage of their vulnera...Read More >>

Trespassing on the Nationality of Lebanese Women: Renewing the Guise of Male Privilege

When the Lebanese nationality law was issued in 1925, the dominant global trend was to associate the family with the man such that his nationality determined the family’s nationalit...Read More >>

Beyond Sectarianism: Whom Does the Lebanese State Serve? (II)

In this part of the series, I will present the most important pillars that the rule of leaders [paradigm] [Hukm al-zu’ama] was established upon, striving in each case to prove tha...Read More >>

Beyond Sectarianism: Whom Does the Lebanese State Serve? (I)

I am preoccupied with a question beyond that of the necessity or legitimacy of abolishing political sectarianism, or of sectarianism as a political system in Lebanon. The starting point i...Read More >>

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