Samer Ghamroun

Samer Ghamroun is a founding and a board member of Legal Agenda. He is a Law & Society assistant professor at Saint-Joseph University in Beirut.

In Memory of Mokhtar Yahyaoui (1952-2015): Lessons from Tunisia’s Rebel Judge

Tunisian Judge Mokhtar Yahyaoui died suddenly in September 2015. His career was at different intervals a watershed in Tunisia’s collective legal memory, especially because of the fa...Read More >>

We Steal or You Get Buried in Garbage: The Ideological War Against Alternative Solutions to Lebanon’s Garbage Crisis

An interview with environmental expert Naji Kodeih conducted by Myriam Mehanna and Samer Ghamroun The current garbage disaster in Lebanon is a logical consequence of systematic poli...Read More >>

Who is Afraid of a Female Majority in the Lebanese Judiciary?

“The judiciary is now full of women” Anyone who has frequented Lebanese courthouses since the 1990s has probably heard the above expression multiple times. Male judges h...Read More >>

The History of Judicial Activism in Lebanon: A Fable of Forgetfulness

Why have Lebanese judges forgotten their history of social movements? This question becomes more pressing when one looks at the activity of judges in other countries, such as Italy, Franc...Read More >>

Lebanese Sharia Courts: When Women Litigants Turn into Reformers

The work of Sharia and spiritual courts in Lebanon has largely remained outside the scope of public or scholarly debate. To many secularists, these courts are a reactionary phenomenon thr...Read More >>

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