Menna Omar

Legal Researcher and Lawyer. PhD Candidate in Law, University Paris 1-Sorbonne

Amending Criminal Procedure in Egypt: Toward a Defenseless Defense

 The right of defense is a cornerstone of a just and fair trial. It encompasses a number of guarantees ensuring its effectiveness, such as the right to know the charge, the right to vie...Read More >>

Civilians Before Egypt’s Military Judiciary: Unfair Trial?

Fair trial is a principle guaranteed in the Egyptian Constitution.[1] It is also guaranteed in international treaties and conventions. One of the most important implications of this principl...Read More >>

Constituting Military Courts in Egypt: The Role of Constitutions

Egypt’s military judiciary has developed considerably since its founding. What began as disciplinary courts for soldiers and officers has evolved into its own specialized and comprehen...Read More >>

​​​​​​​The Rise of Egypt’s Exceptional Courts

After Egypt’s January 25 Revolution, debate arose over the court-martialing of civilians that occurred during the Mubarak era. These court-martials were resumed during the Supreme Mili...Read More >>

Redefining Egyptian Nationality: Denying Political Rights Through Denying Citizenship

In its meeting on September 20, 2017,[1] Egypt’s Cabinet approved a bill to amend some provisions of the country’s nationality law.[2] The proposal’s aim seems to be to inc...Read More >>

Lawyering in Egypt: Regulation and Reform

The Bar Association is the largest syndicate in Egypt. More than 700,000 lawyers are registered in it – a huge number in relation to Egypt’s labor market and population. The law ...Read More >>

Churches in Egypt: Codifying Discrimination and Sectarianism

On August 30, 2016, the Egyptian Parliament approved the law on the construction and renovation of churches. Parliament thereby complied with Article 235 of the Egyptian Constitution, which ...Read More >>

Barring Lawyers from Entering Prosecution Premises: A Stay of Execution

“Not for one day has the judiciary of Egypt ever been isolated from its people –not physically nor intellectually– such that it is unable to understand their plight. The do...Read More >>

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