Ayman Halasa

Is a lawyer and professor of law at Israa University, Amman.

Crime Prevention in Jordan: Consecrating Jalwa

The Jordanian government has recently decided to make an amendment to the Crime Prevention Law. The aim of the draft law is to limit and regulate the tribal jalwa (forced relocation) and ...Read More >>

Revoking Jordanian Citizenship: Disengagement or Discrimination

International and national organizations, including the National Centre for Human Rights (NCHR), have criticized Jordan because of its withdrawal of Jordanian citizenship from many citize...Read More >>

The Status of Children of Jordanian Mothers: The Discourse of Demography

Article 3 of the Jordanian Nationality Law No. (6) of 1954 defines a Jordanian national as follows: Any person whose father holds the Jordanian nationality; A...Read More >>

Trespassing Citizenship in Jordan: Women as Second Class Nationals

Editor’s Note: In Jordan, as is the case in Lebanon, a mother is denied the right to transfer her citizenship to her children, while governments concomitantly make promises to appro...Read More >>

Jalwa in Jordan: Customary Law and Legal Reform

Al-Hayat Center for Civil Society Development (HCCSD) issued on June 17, 2013 a declaration about Jalwa, showing the seriousness of this phenomenon and its impact on Jordanian s...Read More >>

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