Mohamed Afif Jaidi

Tunisian Judge

Recovering Ben Ali’s Stolen Funds: The Squandered Right

Following the Tunisian revolution, a media and political discourse prevailed estimating the funds stolen by Ben Ali’s family and in-laws at USD$32 billion[1] and heralding their immine...Read More >>

Tunisia’s Transitional Justice in Transition: A Critical Assessment

 In early April, Mohamed Fadhel Mahfoudh, minister to the head of government for relations with the constitutional commissions, civil society, and human rights, supplied the heads of th...Read More >>

Court of Accounts Exposes Shortcomings of TDC Performance

On 30 April 2019, Tunisia’s Court of Accounts issued a report about the special oversight mission a team of its judges performed over the Truth and Dignity Commission (TDC). This repor...Read More >>

Guaranteeing Fair Trial in Tunisia

The talk of guarantees of judicial independence that prevailed during the Second Tunisian Republic’s early years focused on the role of legislation in building judicial authority. In 2...Read More >>

In 2018, Whom Did the Law Serve in Tunisia?

“Whom does the law serve?” This question poses itself in any society wishing to take measure of its democracy. Who creates the broad strokes of legal norms and regulations, and h...Read More >>

Judges and Doctors: Collective Responsibility for Torture in Tunisia

In the early 1990s, Tunisia witnessed a crackdown on Ennahda Movement activists and members that the government at the time justified on the basis that it had uncovered a coup plot by the or...Read More >>

Tunisia’s Specialized Criminal Chambers: The Wrong Road to Accountability

During the period between 20 March and 2 August 2018, the Truth and Dignity Commission (TDC) remitted 20 files related to grave violations of human rights to chambers specialized in transiti...Read More >>

Religious Minorities and the Right to Citizenship: The Example of Jewish Tunisians

Non-discrimination on the basis of a person’s religious affiliation is one of the most important principles that the post-independence Tunisian state has relied upon to define the rela...Read More >>

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