Sarah Wansa

Is a Beirut-based legal researcher

Detained Transgender in Lebanon: This is What Happened to Me

On September 3, 2015, the Beirut Civil Appeals Court issued a ruling permitting transgender individuals to change their records in the population registry.[1] This decision was the latest...Read More >>

Jordan Fined for Detention of Foreign Worker: When Strategic Litigation Works

On October 22, 2014, the Magistrates Court in Amman, presided over by Judge Haifa Kayyali, issued a ruling that convicted Jordanian authorities of holding an Egyptian citizen in arbitrary...Read More >>

Torture at Every Stage: The Unofficial Narrative of the Hammam al-Agha Raid

Editor’s Note: On the evening of Saturday, August 9, 2014, a patrol from Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces (ISF) Morals Protection Bureau raided the Turkish bathhouse known a...Read More >>

A Judicial Blow to Lebanon’s Sponsorship System: Employer Must Return Domestic Worker’s Passport

The ruling discussed in this commentary concerns the case of a female migrant domestic worker whose passport was withheld. The violation addressed in the lawsuit is, of course, no unique ...Read More >>

Lebanon’s Republic of Shame: Law and Medicine as Means to Humiliate and Frighten

On January 8, 2014, at around 3pm, Lebanon’s police force, the Internal Security Forces (ISF) raided the apartment of a Lebanese citizen and arrested five people: two Lebanese, one ...Read More >>

Lebanon’s State Council: Redeeming Rights of Lawyers and Foreign Detainees

After a 7-year wait, a final decision was issued in a case brought by Lebanese lawyer Adib Zakhour against the state. Zakhour filed the suit after the country’s General Directorate ...Read More >>

When Journalists and Judges Unite: The Case of Yusra al-Amiri

The relationship between the media and the judiciary in Lebanon was not always crisis-ridden, caught between the “dignity” (of the judiciary) and “freedom” (of the...Read More >>

Lebanon’s Human Trafficking Law: Serving or Penalizing Vulnerable Groups?

In 2011, a Lebanese law was passed to criminalize human trafficking and as a result new articles were added to the Penal Code. For the first time in Lebanon, the exploitation of others be...Read More >>

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