Nael Georges

Is a Syrian senior scholar of international law and human rights who has taught at the university of Southern Paris and has published on the subject of minority rights

From Arabism towards a Constitution for All Syrians

In regards to the foundations and structure of the Syrian state and the formation of Syrian national identity, the issue of Arabism is of paramount importance - rivaling the issue of Isla...Read More >>

Election Law in Syria: The Architecture of Unfair Representation

On March 17, 2014, the General Election Law in Syria (No. 5) was approved by parliament.   Before delving into its provisions in detail, it should be stressed that no elector...Read More >>

The Syrian Regime Legal “Reforms” (III) Security vs. Counterterrorism Courts: Different Names, Same Function

The previous article in this three part series outlined the exceptional legislation promulgated by the Syrian regime since its rise to power in the 60s. The article discussed the various ...Read More >>

The Syrian Regime Legal “Reforms” (II)” State of Emergency as the Trojan Horse of Counter-Terrorism

Over the past several decades, and since the Baath party’s accession to power, the Syrian traditional opposition has tirelessly demanded an end to the various violations of human ri...Read More >>

The Syrian Regime’s Legal “Reforms” (I): The Ruse of the Right to Protest

Contrary to the aspirations of some of the Syrian regime’s closest connections, Syria was not exempt from the popular uprisings that ousted several despotic political regimes in the...Read More >>

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