Hala Kerbage

Hala Kerbage is a Beirut-based psychiatrist. Her main area of research is public mental health and its relation to social justice and human rights. 

Mental Health Programs for Syrian Refugees: The Risks of Medicalizing Social Distress

Lebanon is host to the largest number of Syrians displaced by the current conflict. Most of these refugees, some one-and-a-half million, live in tragic and precarious conditions.[1] Inten...Read More >>

Mental Health Legislation in Lebanon Overdue

In a previous article, I described the current organization of mental health services in Lebanon, emphasizing the gap between institution-based public services and expensive private servi...Read More >>

Child Sex Abuse Therapy: The Risks and Rewards of Legal Action

Numerous cases of child sexual abuse (CSA) are encountered in the practice of mental health professionals in Lebanon, confirming the frequency of this phenomenon. In western population st...Read More >>

The Risks of Pathologizing Syrian Refugees: Towards a Collective Social Suffering Approach

The conflict in Syria has become a humanitarian and public health catastrophe. Thousands of Syrians are forced to flee their homes under the threat of persecution, conflict and violence. ...Read More >>

Psychiatry and Lebanese Law: Lessons to Be Learnt

The intersection of recent social and legal events with psychiatry highlights the potential contribution of mental health studies to legal and social ones. In this article, I examine four...Read More >>

Foreign Domestic Workers in Lebanon: The Missing Psychiatric Link

Last year, a social worker of Caritas Lebanon, a non-governmental organization, brought a 22-year-old Ethiopian woman to the emergency room of a Lebanese psychiatric hospital. The woman, ...Read More >>

Organisation et pratique des soins en santé mentale au Liban : Dilemmes et contradictions

L’Organisation Mondiale de la Santé définit les déterminants sociaux de la santé comme étant les “conditions créées par l’e...Read More >>

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