Youmna Makhlouf

A gradient lawyer in Beirut, and preparing her doctorate in law; She is also a member of the legal Agenda 

Civil Marriage in Lebanon: Fighting the State from Within its Borders

  “Love without the law”: a love that is permitted, but whose offspring are subjected to a lesser legal status under Lebanese law, affecting both the children and the...Read More >>

Lebanese Judicial Ruling: Respecting the Right to Sex Change

With the Lebanese legislature refraining from passing a law concerning the situations of transgender individuals, these individuals have persisted in enriching the judicial opinions of th...Read More >>

‘Nationality Under Study’: The Permanence of Being Stateless

“Stripped of my name and identity? On soil I nourished with my own hands?”[1] The words of famous Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish do not only apply to Palestinians, but also ...Read More >>

Saving Charlie: Lebanese Ruling Recognizes the Independent Interests of Animals

The relationship between human beings and animals has long been the subject of philosophical speculation about human nature. Animals remind humans that their existential status is predete...Read More >>

Domestic Violence on Trial: No to the Use of Children to Abuse and Extort

After parliamentary debates in Lebanon mandated that a new law be issued for the protection of women and other members of the family, Lebanese Summary Affairs Courts (one of the judicial ...Read More >>

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