Marwan Tashani


Child Marriage in Libya: Ignored by Society, Unprotected by Legislation

The father, accompanied by his daughter, 13 or perhaps a little older, enters the District Court near his home and heads to the office of the judge of urgent and non-contentious matters. He ...Read More >>

The Libyan Migrant Route: Torture on Land and Terror at Sea

Libya has a coastline that runs approximately 2,000kms along the Mediterranean Sea, the country lies close to southern Europe, and it shares 4,000kms with six countries. Consequently, Libya ...Read More >>

Transitional Justice Chaos in Libya: The Controversial Case of Saif al–Islam Gaddafi

Any observer of the legislative affairs in the transitional phase in Libya can clearly notice a state of apparent confusion and randomness in the enactment of laws. Many laws are issued with...Read More >>

The Supreme Judicial Council in Libya Carry Commendable Elections

Since Libya's independence in 1951, the judicial system thereof did not witness any election of the members of the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC). The only way to be a member of the S...Read More >>

Dual Citizens in Libya: A New Tool of Political Isolation?

After the Libyan revolution, many opponents of the former regime returned to the country and assumed positions of authority. This caused the issue of dual citizenship, which had not previ...Read More >>

Libyan Refugees in Tunisia Lead a Precarious Existence

Unique and deep historical, economic, and social ties exist between the Libyan and Tunisian people. The relationship Libyans have with Tunisia has evolved with time, occasionally in respo...Read More >>

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