Myriam Mehanna

Legal Researcher

Specialized Courts for Crimes of Terrorism in Lebanon: Unfulfilled Promises

The rulings issued in the case of [Lebanese bomb smuggler and former minister] Michel Samaha provoked a series of angry reactions. Most prominently, then-minister of justice Ashraf Rifi d...Read More >>

We Steal or You Get Buried in Garbage: The Ideological War Against Alternative Solutions to Lebanon’s Garbage Crisis

An interview with environmental expert Naji Kodeih conducted by Myriam Mehanna and Samer Ghamroun The current garbage disaster in Lebanon is a logical consequence of systematic poli...Read More >>

Marshalling Justice in Lebanon: How Military Courts Violate the Conditions of a Fair Trial

Editor’s note: In the wake of the ruling against former Lebanese minister Michel Samaha, Minister of Justice Ashraf Rifi and a number of others from the Lebanese March 14 Alliance c...Read More >>

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