Suliman Ibrahim

Faculty of Law, University of Benghazi

Foreign Litigation: Another Libyan Front is Ablaze

The news of open battlefronts throughout Libya could not overshadow one that came from out of the country. A British judicial ruling rejected a US$1.2 lawsuit filed by the Libyan Investment ...Read More >>

The State of Lawmaking in Post-Gaddafi Libya

Under Gaddafi's regime, legislation in Libya was in crisis. This was the conviction of many jurists, though some felt that the term “crisis” was an exaggerated description...Read More >>

The Right to Occupancy in Libya: Gaddafi’s Real Estate Legacy

After Muammar Gaddafi’s downfall, graffiti covered the buildings in Libya’s capital. Messages declaring one particular building or another to be the “sacred property&rdq...Read More >>

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