Jazya Gebril

Professor of Law at the University of Benghazi

Bringing Justice to Benghazi: City of Mines

Preamble On September 25, 2017, the Wahbi al-Bouri Cultural Center in Benghazi’s area 602 screened a documentary about mines. The documentary was prepared by Libyan journalist Khadi...Read More >>

The Children of Libyan Women Married to Foreigners: Lost Identity and Rights

Introduction It has become commonplace to see Libyan women married to foreigners participate actively in political and academic meetings in Benghazi that concern their issue.[1] The...Read More >>

Victims of Sexual Violence in Libya: Assessing Protection Mechanisms

1.  Introduction   After the beginning of the armed conflict in Libya in 2011, discussion about sexual assaults –discussion that was previously taboo– began ...Read More >>

Women’s Rights in Libya: Preserving Past Gains, Fearing for the Future

Multiple social restrictions constrain the freedom of women in Libya, preventing them from exercising the rights they have been granted. It is only fair to point out that under the former...Read More >>

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