Sahar Mandour

Is a novelist and editor of Assafir's special edition on Palestine

Maronite League Sings for Syria: Anthem of Return is No Bridge of Return

If someone in Lebanon were to shut himself off from the outside world and listen for the first time to Anthem of Return (produced by the Maronite League, a Lebanese organization), he wouldn&...Read More >>

To be a Woman in Manal’s Lebanon

Manal al-Assi’s killer got an actual prison sentence of three years and nine months, including the period of detention. This means he will be free in only 18 months from now, which ...Read More >>

To Be the Daughter of a Lebanese Woman

I will not lie and say that I deserve the Lebanese nationality because I am one hundred percent Lebanese. In fact, I am Lebanese-Egyptian, and my dual identity transcends the provincialit...Read More >>

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