Hala Najjar

Lawyer and a member of The Legal Agenda

“Theft” Alone Grants Domestic Workers an Audience with a Judge

During the first half of 2017, we monitored 195 rulings issued by the criminal judiciary in Beirut, Baabda, and Jdeideh in cases involving foreign domestic workers. Remarkably, 178 of these ...Read More >>

Lebanese Domestic Workers: Deportation Without Compensation.

On October 28, 2015, the Labor Arbitration Council in Beirut issued a decision compelling an employer to pay her Ethiopian former employee wages owed in the amount of USD$4500. The ruling wa...Read More >>

Fabricating an “Offense of Fleeing” Punishable, Court Says

Editor's note: Towards the end of Lebanon’s civil war in the early 90s, recruiting foreign workers for domestic service gradually turned into a phenomenon. The "sponsorship sy...Read More >>

Reinstating Confession on Lebanese ID: When Sects Get Back Their Prodigal Sons

Lebanese courts have been witnessing a new phenomenon lately: a number of citizens submitting requests to reinstate their sectarian affiliation on their IDs, after they had requested it be r...Read More >>

Human Trafficking Law in Lebanon: A Lay of the Land

The busting of a prostitution ring in Lebanon last March raised a fundamental question about the extent to which the 2011 law criminalizing human trafficking is being applied. What cases ...Read More >>

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