Mohamed Adel Souliman

Egyptian lawyer and member of The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights

Military Trials in Egypt: Where is the Swift and Certain Justice?

A military court has delayed its ruling in the case of the Alexandria Shipping Company until October 18, 2016. Twenty-six workers, of whom 14 are being detained pending the ruling, stand acc...Read More >>

Economic and Legal Militarization in Egypt: What’s Next?

On September 18, 2016, public attention turned to the Military Court in Alexandria for the verdict in the prosecution of 26 workers[1] of the Alexandria Shipyard Company.[2] However, the ver...Read More >>

Combating Corruption in Egypt (II): Making an Example of Hesham Geneina

Following the January 2011 revolution, Egyptian oversight bodies have regained some of their roles after liberating themselves from the National Party’s control over the regulatory ...Read More >>

Combating Corruption in Egypt (I): Salem and State Impunity

While we were witnessing the trial of Hesham Geneina, former head of Egypt's Central Auditing Authority, on charges of propagating rumors about the cost of corruption in Egypt, there ...Read More >>

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