Saada Allaw

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon Caught Between Corona and Destitution

On the morning of 6 April 2020, while the family of Syrian refugee Bassam Hallaq – the martyr of subsistence who immolated himself in Beqaa – were paying their farewells, Ministe...Read More >>

Bisri Dam False Promises: No Water to Convey to Beirut

Per the plan of the project to convey water to Greater Beirut, the Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR) and the World Bank – the project’s main financer – state...Read More >>

Lebanon Dam Business: Destroying the Environment and Squandering Public Funds

Balaa Dam: Filling Bottomless Sinkholes Work on Balaa Dam began in 2014. At the end of 2017, “or in early 2018 – I no longer remember exactly – a team from the Ministry ...Read More >>

Policy of Destitution has Led to Undignified Living in Lebanon’s al-Mankoubin District

It happened at night 64 years ago. Roaring water, cries for help, wailing. The people of al-Souaika and al-Hadid in the heart of old Tripoli emerged to find that the Abu Ali River was angry ...Read More >>

River Floods: The Mounting Plight of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Mahanna al-Salih regrets not taking the 1000 liras from his daughter Aya: “I said let her be, she’s happy, she wants to buy something”. The peak of the latest storm occurre...Read More >>

Wadad Halawani: Lebanon’s War Memory

Editor’s note: On 12 November 2018, after a debate that lasted about an hour and a half, Lebanese parliament ratified a draft law on the missing and forcibly disappeared. The ratificat...Read More >>

Working the Fields: The Painful Price of Child Labor in Agriculture

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), 60% of children working worldwide are employed in agriculture — despite an ILO agreement classifying agricultur...Read More >>

The “Brides” Tents: Tales of Forced Labor and Sexual Abuse

Early Marriage and Work “Back in the day, there were no phones so I could at least see a photo of him,” says Umm Bilal in response to her daughter's objection to her engag...Read More >>

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