Mahdi Elleuch

Constitutionalizing the Right to Education in Tunisia amidst Wars of Identity

The right to education is one of the many additions brought by the 27 January 2014 Constitution. The 1959 Constitution had not dedicated a chapter to rights and freedoms or stipulated the ri...Read More >>

Mohamed Sahbi Khalfaoui: The 2019 Elections Were a “Revolution of the Periphery Against the Center”

Though the opinion polls had warned of the results of the 2019 legislative and presidential elections months earlier, they constituted a political earthquake that created a new landscape ope...Read More >>

Bitter Harvest: Lean Years in Post-Revolution Tunisia

The private investment sector has been one of the Youssef Chahed government’s most significant wagers over the past four years. From the Tunisia 2020 international investment conferenc...Read More >>

The Tunisian State Amputates its Monetary Arm

During the last five years, the Tunisian financial and banking sector witnessed radical changes after the outgoing Parliament approved a series of reforms that redefined the state’s ro...Read More >>

The Bill to Introduce an Electoral Threshold: Appraisal

Editor’s note: The Legal Agenda is collaborating with the Tunisian organization Al Bawsala to follow legislative activity in Tunisia. Hence, we are pleased to periodically publish, on ...Read More >>

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