Karim Nammour

Lawyer and researcher. Member of The Legal Agenda.

Fear and the Law in the Time of Corona: What is to be Done?

In a previous article,[1] I explored the legal framework for managing an epidemic like the one we are experiencing today in Lebanon following the spread of COVID-19 around the world, as well...Read More >>

Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon: What Strategies Can Be Employed to Improve Their Rights via the Judiciary?

Anyone monitoring the status of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon quickly perceives that political considerations usually eclipse the rights-based considerations involved, regardless of how fu...Read More >>

‘Settling’ Beirut: Residents Rebel Against the Club Clamor in Hamra

There are some resources that we hold in common, such as the air we breathe and the water we drink. We take them for granted, but their widespread availability makes everything else we do po...Read More >>

Judging Identities: Beirut Criminal Court’s Phobia of Homosexuality and Right to Privacy*

Imagine hearing that a friend with whom you dined yesterday was murdered. Imagine that during the initial investigation of this friend’s murder, you inadvertently disclose that he and ...Read More >>

Postponed Treatment: The Ongoing Prosecution of Drug Addicts in Lebanon

A total of 2,709 people were arrested for the “crime” of drug use in Lebanon in 2014, according to official statistics from the Central Anti-Drug Bureau.[1] Yet according to the ...Read More >>

Dekwaneh’s “No Gay Land” Triggers Debate on Homophobia

Lebanese civil society scored a victory last year with the abolishment of anal probing (known as the tests of shame). The abolishment came in the wake of relentless efforts by The Legal Agen...Read More >>

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