Nizar Saghieh

Lebanese Access to Information Law is for Boasting, Not Transparency

In late June 2019, The Legal Agenda received a letter from General Secretary of the Council of Ministers Mahmoud Makkieh stating that Makkieh refuses to comply with the information request T...Read More >>

The Plight of Housing Policies in Lebanon

The problems associated with housing have been topics of frequent discussion in Lebanese public discourse since at least the period of independence. But it has become an even more prominent ...Read More >>

Trying Adam Chamseddine: Prosecution Instead of Praise

The military court issued a three-month jail sentence in absentia against journalists Adam Chamseddine and Fidaa Itani over statements they posted on social media. The sentence that was issu...Read More >>

In 2018, Whom Did the Law Serve in Tunisia?

“Whom does the law serve?” This question poses itself in any society wishing to take measure of its democracy. Who creates the broad strokes of legal norms and regulations, and h...Read More >>

Environmental Crimes in Lebanon: Unlawful Enrichment That Kills

On 17 February 2019, Minister of Interior and Municipalities Raya El Hassan told Elnashra that “she will rigorously apply the law pertaining to quarries and implement the decisions iss...Read More >>

War Money is the People’s Money and the State’s Right

On 28 February 2019, Single Criminal Judge in Beirut Fatima Jouni issued a decision on a dispute between two giants: on one side, the Lebanese Forces party, which has 15 members in Parliamen...Read More >>

Falsifying Property Ownership in El Mina, Lebanon (Part I)

The case of the fake property in El Mina, North Governorate, Lebanon, is one of the best examples of encroachment on maritime public properties or, rather, their abandonment. The story of th...Read More >>

The Dignitaries System: Responsibility Without Reproach

Recently, the slogan “against repression” has emerged in protest to the frequent summoning of activists – usually for interrogation in the Cyber Crimes Bureau based on the ...Read More >>

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