Financial Resources Key to Protection against Gender-Based Violence

Half a decade after Lebanon adopted the Law on the Protection of Women and Family Members Against Domestic Violence, victims face new obstacles when accessing the courts to break free from d...Read More >>

The Politicisation of Religious Education in Tunisia

Education experts present curricula and educational materials as the product of a scholarly effort aimed at developing knowledge and student achievement. For the most part, this statement re...Read More >>

Constitutionalizing the Right to Education in Tunisia amidst Wars of Identity

The right to education is one of the many additions brought by the 27 January 2014 Constitution. The 1959 Constitution had not dedicated a chapter to rights and freedoms or stipulated the ri...Read More >>

Lebanon’s Face-Changing Opera

The elite sectarian leaders [zuama] emerged from the 1975-1990 civil war surrounded by an aura that ensured their leadership would continue. Even those sidelined for not going along with Syr...Read More >>

Tunisia’s Covid Crisis: An Opportunity Amid a Crisis

By 2020, Tunisia’s health sector had all the components of a crisis, and any discussion about it had come to revolve around certain themes expressing much disappointment and many blata...Read More >>

Will There Be Posthumous Justice for Faustina Tay?

Faustina Tay, a 23-year-old Ghanaian worker who came to Lebanon in May 2019, was found dead on March 13 in a car park under the home where she worked in Beirut. The initial investigation con...Read More >>

The Legal Agenda Wins International Tang Prize in Rule of Law with Two Other Organizations

The Legal Agenda, jointly with the Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA) and the Centre for the Study of Law, Justice, and Society (Dejusticia) in Colombia, has won the 2020 Ta...Read More >>

Truth and Dignity in Tunisia: The Journey Continues

People interested in and discussing transitional justice in Tunisia were split into two opposing sides. The first deemed the approval of the Transitional Justice Law and, subsequently, the e...Read More >>

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