The President’s Outdated Speech: Using the Judiciary as Cover and Legislation to Buy Time

On 24 October 2019, days after the popular movement in Lebanon began, President of the Republic General Michel Aoun delivered a public speech. He went further than the prime minister in ackn...Read More >>

Lebanese Student: We Want to Make History

“The age in which we accept any threat or intimidation has ended, and we have the right to build our lives... Why are they confronting us with all this menacing and threatening?”...Read More >>

The Unmasking of Already Discredited Politicians: Comments on the So-Called “Reform Paper”

The paper that Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced upon the deadline he had given himself and his partners in government to respond to the demands of the largest popular movement in Lebanes...Read More >>

“All of Them Means All of Them”: The Beginning of the End for the Taif System’s Hegemony?

Last September, sports fans in Lebanon awaited the beginning of the Lebanese football championship. Naturally, when each championship begins, competition between the teams intensifies and qu...Read More >>

Egypt’s Public Prosecution: The Hierarchy of Putting Down Protests

The security crackdown that the Egyptian authorities are currently waging against all forms of assembly and protest and that targets all indiscriminately is the fiercest and most violent sin...Read More >>

Reclaiming Public Space and Its Role in Producing the Revolution

One of the most important gains achieved by the October 17 movement – i.e. the revolution – in Lebanon is the Lebanese citizens’ reclamation of public space in all the regi...Read More >>

Lebanese Uprising: Infrastructure and the Trap of Neoliberal Development

What started on October 17 as a protest against new taxation laws and austerity measures following climate-induced wildfires and shortages in gasoline and bread, has now turned into the larg...Read More >>

Egypt’s September 20 Protests: Mass Arrests

A young man, 32 years old and unemployed, came to Cairo from Qena Governorate in Upper Egypt looking for work after becoming bogged down in debt. The security forces arrested him, telling hi...Read More >>

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