Fear and the Law in the Time of Corona: What is to be Done?

In a previous article,[1] I explored the legal framework for managing an epidemic like the one we are experiencing today in Lebanon following the spread of COVID-19 around the world, as well...Read More >>

The Tunisian State Amputates its Monetary Arm

During the last five years, the Tunisian financial and banking sector witnessed radical changes after the outgoing Parliament approved a series of reforms that redefined the state’s ro...Read More >>

Roland Riachi: Lebanon Applies a 70-Year-Old Water Dam Policy

The debate around the world over the feasibility of dams, especially mega-dams, is intensifying, and some people are going beyond opposing the construction of new ones to calling for demolis...Read More >>

Recovering Ben Ali’s Stolen Funds: The Squandered Right

Following the Tunisian revolution, a media and political discourse prevailed estimating the funds stolen by Ben Ali’s family and in-laws at USD$32 billion[1] and heralding their immine...Read More >>

Arresting Patrick George Zaky: Academic Freedom Now Contingent on Security Clearances in Egypt

On the morning of February 7, the Egyptian security forces arrested Patrick George Zaky, a researcher on gender in the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights and a Master’s student at...Read More >>

Lebanon Dam Business: Destroying the Environment and Squandering Public Funds

Balaa Dam: Filling Bottomless Sinkholes Work on Balaa Dam began in 2014. At the end of 2017, “or in early 2018 – I no longer remember exactly – a team from the Ministry ...Read More >>

Domestic Worker in Lebanon Fights Racism: Time for Judiciary to Listen

In early September, a Filipino domestic worker filed a countersuit for calumny (i.e. the filing of false accusations) with the single criminal judge in Beirut against her previous employer. ...Read More >>

The Right to Innocence after Pardon: Egypt’s Court of Cassation Supports the Right to Appeal

On 25 November 2018, Egypt’s Court of Cassation issued a ruling holding that a partial presidential pardon from the remainder of a sentence does not preclude the continuation of appeal...Read More >>

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