The Law and Society Library

This space is intended to provide students, researchers, and activists concerned with the social and political dimensions of the law and the judiciary with access to books and publications in three languages (Arabic, French, and English). The library (which remains modest in size) comprises works in the field of law and society and is a product of The Legal Agenda’s efforts to develop this discipline in Lebanon and other Arab countries. Some of these works are unavailable in Lebanon, while others can only be accessed in universities under difficult and costly conditions.

The Legal Agenda’s public Law and Society Library allows citizens to access information and studies on law and its various dimensions. It also serves the dual purpose of encouraging jurists and legal experts to transcend the technical approaches to the law and facilitating legal research within the social sciences. This library will help anyone concerned with legal and judicial affairs in Lebanon (such as judges and lawyers) capitalize on this work environment and its activities (such as seminars, symposiums, and workshops) in order to bring law back to the core of contemporary research in our societies.

The list of books and resources available in the library can be downloaded from ADD LINK.

Borrowing books is currently not possible. Hence, the publications can be viewed at The Legal Agenda’s premises in Badaro.


This project was implemented with support from the Norwegian Embassy in Beirut.