Civil Observatory for the Independence and Transparency of the Judiciary

The Legal Agenda’s judicial observatory aims to end, through professional monitoring, the normalization of harmful practices inside the judiciary that endanger many freedoms and fundamental rights. By focusing on cases, trials and policies involving politicians, judges, lawyers and litigants, it sheds light on the positive and negative practices allowing for the development of public debates and accountability. Aside from increasing the practical independence and transparency of the judiciary, this project works towards empowering and enabling vulnerable groups to secure their rights.

Contact the observatory whenever you experience or witness practices within the judiciary that endanger the right to a fair trial in Lebanon.

The Observatory’s Contact Information
Tel/Fax No.: +961 (1) 383 606


Increase the Judiciary’s Independence and Transparency
Follow up on regulations or draft regulations relating to judicial work and organization;
Advocate for the implementation of laws relating to the judiciary;
Comment on judicial practices and decisions to highlight their social relevance; and
Diffuse guidelines in matters of the independence and accountability of judges.

Empower Judicially Vulnerable Groups Collect and analyze decisions and judicial files relating to vulnerable groups
Collect testimonies relating to such files;
Implement trial observation to determine whether due process is respected in courts;

This project is funded by the Swiss Embassy in Beirut and implemented by The Legal Agenda.