Legal Agenda to Lebanese Government: Stop Harassing Judges

For the fifth time, we are witnessing a recurring scene: political forces envisage ways to undermine the financial rights of judges, particularly the resources of the Judmore >>

Ibtihel Abdellatif of Tunisia’s Truth and Dignity Commission: The Women Victims Who Chose to Testify

Editor’s note: Ibtihel Abdellatif is a prominent member of Tunisia’s Truth and Dignity Commission (TDC). Within the TDC, she headed the Women's Committee,more >>

Guaranteeing Fair Trial in Tunisia

The talk of guarantees of judicial independence that prevailed during the Second Tunisian Republic’s early years focused on the role of legislation in building judimore >>

Abdelsalam: Transitional Justice is a Tool for Compromise not Political Conflicts

Editor’s note: The Tunisian Law on Transitional Justice mandated the establishment of a Truth and Dignity Commission (TDC). This institution was to play the drivingmore >>

Beirut Court of Appeal: Sexual Orientation is Not Punishable

On 14 November, 2018, the Misdemeanors Court of Appeal in Beirut ruled to discharge three young men – two Lebanese and one Syrian – charged with homosexual remore >>

Trying Adam Chamseddine: Prosecution Instead of Praise

The military court issued a three-month jail sentence in absentia against journalists Adam Chamseddine and Fidaa Itani over statements they posted on social media. The semore >>

In 2018, Whom Did the Law Serve in Tunisia?

“Whom does the law serve?” This question poses itself in any society wishing to take measure of its democracy. Who creates the broad strokes of legal norms anmore >>

Child Marriage in Libya: Ignored by Society, Unprotected by Legislation

The father, accompanied by his daughter, 13 or perhaps a little older, enters the District Court near his home and heads to the office of the judge of urgent and non-contmore >>

Children’s Rights Violations in the Context of the Civil and Youth Movement (#YouStink)... more >>

The Launch of the ‘Judicial Independence: a Social Priority in Lebanon’ Project... more >>

Civil Society Backs Families of Missing After Calls to Reconsider Lebanese State Council Decision... more >>

Open Letter to Lebanese Prime Minister Tammam Salam... more >>

Right to Health under Threat in Tunisia

The official reaction to the deaths of 15 infants at the Wassila Bourguiba Hospital in Tunis on 8 March 2019 was the following: a series of dismissals and new appointment... more >>

Tunisia’s Transitional Justice in Transition: A Critical Assessment

 In early April, Mohamed Fadhel Mahfoudh, minister to the head of government for relations with the constitutional commissions, civil society, and human rights, supp... more >>

In 2018, Whom Did the Law Serve in Lebanon?

“Whom does the law serve?” This question poses itself in any society wishing to take measure of its democracy. Who creates the broad strokes of legal norms an... more >>

Forced Deportations to Syria: Rights Organizations Call on Lebanon to Respect the Rule of Law

Eight Lebanese organizations have called on Lebanese authorities to respect the rule of law and ensure that Syrian nationals have the right of defense against forcible de... more >>

Court of Accounts Exposes Shortcomings of TDC Performance

On 30 April 2019, Tunisia’s Court of Accounts issued a report about the special oversight mission a team of its judges performed over the Truth and Dignity Commissi... more >>

How to end interference in the judiciary?

... more >>

Open the Doors

More than 24,700 children live in orphanages; this is more than 2% of Lebanese children. Around 90% of them are not orphans, but children from poor families unable to care for them... more >>

Homosexuality is not a crime

In Lebanon, homosexuals continue to be arrested and prosecuted for their sexual orientation, based on Article 534 of the Criminal Code, which sanctions “sexual intercourse ag... more >>

Testimony of Former General Ahmad Agheilovi in the case of Braka coast

... more >>

Advocate for the rights of "day-workers" in court

... more >>